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Mules for Sale

If you have been following this thread, we are happy to report that Snowflake, Moses, and The Cisco Kid have all found new homes.  If interested in buying a mule, please contact us with your needs and we will see if anything we have might be suitable. 

Our riding mules are ridden with snaffle bits with an aim toward developing as light a mouth as possible.  We have taken some of our mules through a Brad Cameron clinic or two.  If you have never ridden a mule you owe it to yourself to try one.  Unlike many horses, mules have a very strong sense of self-preservation that often works to benefit its rider...i.e. your favorite riding horse might jump off a cliff if you asked it to but not your mule.  A mule is not interested in doing anything that recognizes as unnecessarily dangerous to itself.

We do have good riding mules from time to time that are for sale.  Please email us for a current list. 

Feeding time

Feeding time gives us the opportunity to observe each animals condition, attitude, etc. They have their own pecking order and likes and dislikes.