Dear Ranch

Blending Bloodlines for a Better Tomorrow

Frances and I love riding our motorcycles at every opportunity. 

Our 2002 3,000 mile roundtrip to Moosejaw, Canada convinced Frances that she might be happier riding her own bike as opposed to riding with me as a passanger when the only control she had over the speed was how hard she could pinch my sides.  Since then she has really blossomed as a solo rider.

A 7,000 mile round trip in 2003 found us riding to Hyder, Alaska, to greet the hardy souls who successfully rode motorcycles through 48 states in ten days or less. 

In 2004 I did a 4,000 mile round trip to Alamos, Guaymas, and San Carlos on the Gulf of Cortez in Mexico.  Later in 2004, Frances and I rode our bikes to the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado.

In 2005, Frances and I rode BMW F650 GS motorcycles on a 3,000 mile round trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico.  The 45 mile single lane two-way traffic no guard rail switchbacked dirt and gravel road into the canyon was heartstopping.

In 2005 we each rode over 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours to earn an Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 1,000 award.  Several years earlier I rode over 1,600 miles in less than 36 hours to easrn an Iron Butt Association Bun Burner 1,500 award

The children keep asking themselves "Is this Normal?" and "How long do you think it will go on?"

On the Road to Batopilas (at the bottom of Copper Canyon, Mexico)

The 50 miles of unpaved, boulder strewn, switchbacked one-lane road leading into and out of Copper Canyon was a motorcycling challenge unlike any other I had ever experienced.