Dear Ranch

Blending Bloodlines for a Better Tomorrow

Pasture Ornament, Heifer Bull, or Lean Grass Raised Red Meat

We have several young, grass raised Longhorns for sale.  They have not been in a feed lot but have enjoyed an abundance of tender, green grass as nature intended. We believe that with the disruption of the corn market  caused by the goverment subsidy of ethanol production, diverting millions of bushels of corn from the  fed cattle market, more and more  cattle will be fed on grass for longer periods of time.  The resulting lean beef will require that we change our cooking habits and methods in order to keep the meat as tender as possible.  We also believe that the meat will be more flavorful than that you have been used to eating after being cornfed for many months.  Times, they are a changing!

For the commercial breeder looking for a calving ease bull for use on young, first calf heifers, we have several to choose from.  Our commercial bulls are priced with the commercial cattleman in mind.

For those wanting an ornament for the front pasture, we have several prospects...young cattle exhibiting a lot of horn.  Save money, buy young, and watch them grow.