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Mike and Frances Dear of Slocum, Anderson County, Texas, are raising commercial crossbred beef cattle. A few years ago we came to the realization that the Brahman momma cow handles our heat, humidity, predators, insects, etc. better than any purebred we had previously experienced so.....when the opportunity came our way to purchase some older bred quality females during a drought in south Texas we couldn't resist. In early 2008 we placed Hereford bulls (Dudley Bros. and W4) with our Brahman females with the intention of producing F-1 tigerstripe mama cows. The best daughters will be kept to make a cowherd to be bred with Pharo Cattle Company red or black Angus bulls. Our Brahman females have done a great job of calving unassisted, fighting off buzzards and coyotes. They always come a runnin' when they hear the sound of our pickup and the cube feeder. As you will discover in other sections of this website, we have had a longtime association with goats. Due to the severe drought of the past couple of years we have let our goat numbers fall to the point that although we still have a few goats to keep the brush in check, we no longer have goats for sale.

Ranch Brand

The Anderson County, Texas ranch holding brand is the Quarter Circle D located on the left shoulder. For years we ran cattle in Cherokee County, Texas using the Seven H Connected brand that was started by my grandfather in the forties. When we moved to Anderson County, Texas, that brand was in use so we registered the Quarter Circle D.


We are located near Slocum, Anderson County, Texas, about 15 miles South Southeast of Palestine. We are in the transition zone between the Piney Woods of East Texas and the Post Oak Savannahs of the nearby black lands. Our deep sandy soils provide a good growing medium for the native and adapted grasses that feed our livestock. Our cattle are intensively grazed and rotated through pastures of bahia, crabgrass, and coastal bermuda. Crimson, Ball, and Arrowleaf clovers are providing early season grazing as well as adding nitrogen to the soil.

Thanks for your help

ANGUS BULLS: Thank you, Kit Pharo and Pharo Cattle Company, for your contributions to the beef cattle industry. Your website has been most helpful and educational. The forum for customers of Pharo Cattle Company has opened my mind to appreciate the rewards for being a Herd Quitter, to realize the rewards of thinking outside the box, and to become acquainted with the ideas of leaders in low-input ranching. Your emails have encouraged me to pursue a 1,000 to 1,100 pound mother cow that can produce a calf that will wean at 55 to 60 percent of her weight while breeding back on time without excessive inputs. LONGHORN CATTLE: Thank you, Darol Dickinson and Dickinson Cattle Company, for breeding and selling Savvy Scam and the Paintbrush D heifers to us for our starter herd. Your contribution to the Texas Longhorn breed through the great animals you have bred and owned is a debt that can never be repaid. We are members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America as well as the International Longhorn Association. Thanks to the officers and directors of both organizations for the time and talents you contribute to the betterment of the breed. BRAHMAN CATTLE: Thank you, Pat Tackitt of Rocking T Brahmans, for allowing us to purchase the females that formed the nucleus of our Brahman herd. The cattle are a continuing source of enjoyment to us and although they are several generations removed from our original herd, the beef qualities are still there. KELPIE DOGS: Thanks Jim Fraught of Doss, Texas, for making our first experience with Kelpies a pleasureable one. Our Jim teaches us something every day. He is the most athletic animal I have ever been around. The natural instincts of the breed shine through. About a year ago we acquired a rescue Kelpie named Duster that has provided us with untold hours of assistance in times of need. Duster is getting old but she was professionally trained in her youth. She loves working cattle and also seems to understand what needs to be done and just what pressure needs to be applied at which point to accomplish the desired result in a quiet and controlled manner. Duster gets her feelings hurt if we go to the pasture without her.

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Michael B. Dear 919 North Mallard Palestine, Texas 75801 (903) 729-6597 fax (903) 729-5522 Frances Ann Dear 6929 East SH 294 Elkhart, Texas 75839 (903) 478-3970

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